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Finding ways to save money and stay competitive whilst maintaining the quality expectations of your menu and service is demanding. However, failure to ensure your restaurant is food safe and allergen compliant can ultimately be what determines whether you stay open for business.

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Restaurant kitchens are intense energy users. Food preparation, refrigeration, and water heating combined represent nearly 60% of total energy use, making those systems excellent targets for energy savings. With the right advice and solutions, it’s possible to make simple operational and equipment changes that can reduce energy use and ongoing repair bills significantly.

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The way you present your restaurant has a major impact on the total visitor experience and expectations. It also plays a major role in injecting pride among the team, for the environment they work in to the uniform and whites they wear.

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Adam Handling on Food Safety

Poor food safety management could result in hefty fines or even jail time, so ensuring you have the right processes in place is essential.


Andrew Wong's Hero Equipment

Discover the cooking equipment that makes Andrew Wong's kitchens tick.


Presentation at The Ritz

Presentation as well as the quality of any kind of food in an establishment like this is imperative in every sense of the word. The team at The Ritz meticulously think things through to make sure the temperature when the customers receive the food is correct, that things are placed so it is comfortable for the guests to eat and that every experience of dining in the restaurant is one to be remembered.


A Devil In The Kitchen? Inside the mind of Sat Bains

Chef owner of the “working-class two-star restaurant” RSB, Sat Bains talks pressure, prodigies and how all is fair and a four-day week in the kitchen.