Equipment Efficiency

Restaurant kitchens are intense energy users. Food preparation, refrigeration, and water heating combined represent nearly 60% of total energy use, making those systems excellent targets for energy savings. With the right advice and solutions, it’s possible to make simple operational and equipment changes that can reduce energy use and ongoing repair bills significantly.

Mise En Place Heroes

A kitchen lives or dies by the quality of its Mise En Place. Small changes make your brigade’s life easier during service and go a long way to saving time, money and stress levels.

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Portion control

Control costs by having consistently accurate portions, reduce waste and ingredient costs by making sure you aren't too generous.

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Storage tips

The objective of mise en place is to be cost effective, reusable, safe, tidy and organised - you’re only as good as the storage containers you use.

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Optimising quality

Treasure your meats, poultry, fish and hardy vegetables. Minimise atmospheric impacts on your high value meats and fish - avoid freezer burn, colour or texture change by vacuum packing.

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Do you have the right oven for your menu?

Although the pressure is on, there’s so much more to buying an oven than cost. Thinking of the long game, what do you really want to achieve? Do you have the right oven for your menu? Take five to ask yourself if you have what you need.

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Induction over gas

Time to make the right choices, not the cheapest.

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Buying the right fridge for your needs

Refrigeration is the biggest consumer of electricity in the kitchen. Do you have the right fridge to fit your needs and does it meet the grade?

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Finding the right knife for you

Probably the most important decision to a chef is finding the right knife. A very personal professional decision, this will be determined by numerous factors including the style of cuisine being prepared, frequency of use and the environment in which the knives are to be used.

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Get the most value from your knives

Keeping your chef knife sharp is one of every chef's most important kitchen maintenance tasks. Not only does keeping knives sharp make your job easier to complete, but it makes your job safer.

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Trending Equipment

Discover what’s new for Nisbets that’s going to make your day easier and more gratifying.

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Innovation focus

A food smoking gun is the surprisingly useful gadget that can give everything you’re cooking the great taste of the outdoors backyard barbecue, no matter the time of year.


Andrew Wong's Hero Equipment

Discover the cooking equipment that makes Andrew Wong's kitchens tick.


Mark Birchall's Hero Equipment

Discover the cooking equipment that makes Mark Birchall's kitchens tick.

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Opening a restaurant is an extremely costly undertaking and can sometimes be so overwhelming that chefs do not attempt it on their own. Tom Brown, Head Chef and Owner at the Cornerstone in Hackney Wick, discussed his experience of opening a new restaurant without financial backing.


Equipment Efficiency at The Ritz

The kitchen is very much the engine room of any grand-deluxe hotel and we were invited to explore the Rolls Royce of culinary spaces.


Inside Niall Keating's Kitchen

Whatley Manor’s state-of-the-art new kitchen is a statement of intent for Niall Keating and his team. Niall Keating compares his new kitchen to the bridge of a spaceship, and he isn’t too far off the mark. A brightly-lit mix of brilliant white and carefully buffed stainless steel, it contrasts with Whatley Manor’s relatively traditional look and feel.