“As a Chinese chef, the wok is the single most important thing. It’s the perfect piece of equipment. At a push, you could perform every cooking technique that’s required at Kym’s with it – apart from the roasting."

"The wok is a simple and very affordable piece of cooking equipment. The snag is that it can’t be used properly without a high-powered burner, which needs to be several times more powerful than a traditional western hob. The fierce heat is essential. The food won’t be the same without it. We have the power at Kym’s and A Wong but we still cook food in small portions in small woks to ensure we get enough power. Powerful burners also help with throughput. Just a few tosses and it’s done.” 

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“I use a mixture of traditional Asian knives and western knives, although some of the latter are actually made in the Japanese-style and the whole range has a scalloped edge to stop ingredients sticking, which I like."

"Traditionally, a Chinese chef has just one knife: a large cleaver that is used for everything from hacking bone and finely slicing spring onions to spreading out dumpling wrappers and smashing cucumber. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of equipment."

"When I do use a western knife, it’s a standard chef knife or a paring knife. I find myself using the latter a lot at A Wong because I’m generally on the pass where I do a lot of last-minute little garnishes.”

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Salamander grill

“This is a piece of kit you’d never see in a traditional Chinese kitchen but I find it a really useful tool to regenerate some items and to use as a back-up when other kit goes down."

"We have one at A Wong and now Kym’s too. We were going to be cooking our skewers on a small yakitori-style grill but the people in charge of the building did not let us use it, so we’ll probably be using it for them in tandem with a blow torch.

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Stock kettle

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Induction hob

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Rice cooker

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