Black iron frying pans

There is something so beautiful about how simple, heavy and dependable these pans are.

I love that if you maintain them and keep them seasoned they will last and remain non-stick forever. They’re not even that expensive but so important in the kitchen. 

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The grill at Lyle’s is so central to the food, it has always given so much character to the menu. It’s quite a large grill but we use fire bricks to alter the shape of the pit depending on what we want from it.

We’ve used all sorts of charcoal, wood, binchotan and ogatan logs on it in the past five years, depending on what we’re grilling and the sort of results we want to get.

It’s been fascinating to watch all the guest chefs we’ve had over time use it in different ways. It keeps us constantly reassessing how and why we do things, which I think leads to constant learning and development. 

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Convection ovens 

Convection ovens have heating elements on the top and bottom along with a fan to circulate air, so foods cook faster and more evenly.

With a variety of cooking modes, including its ability to grill, bake, roast and hold a wide variety of foods, it is ideal as a primary oven for smaller establishments.

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Pass-through dishwasher

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Vertical-standing wine fridge

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Coffee machine

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