Maintain food quality

All foods, once cooked, quickly lose many of their appealing characteristics. This is due to natural bacterial growth during the cooling process. To maintain food quality it is important to reduce any form of food deterioration by taking control of humidity, time and temperature.

Prevent food shrinkage

Depending on the food type, ambient temperature, humidity and timescales, food can quickly reduce in size and weight through moisture loss.

Increase menu choice, availability and service

A more extensive menu can easily be offered by preparing food ahead of busy periods and regenerating food as requested.

Vacuum packing is a method of storing and preserving food in an airless environment, usually in air-tight pouches to prevent the growth of micro-organisms.

Tangible advantages can be gained in the kitchen through vacuum packing, such as products being stored for several days longer without any deterioration in quality.

Benefits to your business

  • Extended shelf life of food products
  • No loss of product
  • Improvement of food quality
  • No contamination
  • Prevention of freezer burn
  • Optimal product and storage possibilities
  • Professional product presentation
  • Optimal packaging, compatible with food safety and HACCP standards

Vacuum packer

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