Three top mise en place storage tips for you:

Keep a lid on it

In between services, the chef’s mise en place can end up in the refrigerator.

Containers with lids are preferable. And they should be easy to sort and arrange when setting up the work station again.

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Use the right plastic containers

Most kitchens end up with an assortment of throwaway plastic containers.

But they were made for transporting food to the consumer, not for good hygiene. And many plastics cannot take heat and might end up in your food.

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Steel over glass

Glass bowls are attractive, hygienic and microwave proof. But the material is brittle, heavy and clumsy. The risk of glass ending up in food rules them out in a professional kitchen. Stainless steel containers can withstand boiling water, acidic ingredients, steel utensils, detergents, and more.

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