Purchasing options

Large kitchen equipment like ovens, fridges and freezers - although certainly a must have in any restaurant, can be very expensive and with all other start-up costs, can end up being a real barrier to opening a restaurant.

Looking at alternative methods of purchase are a must. With options such as 0% finance, hire purchase and finance leasing, you are able to spread the cost of the equipment while keeping critical cash in the operation. Tom Brown shows the importance of options by explaining: "if we had, had to pay out right for a lot of the equipment we just wouldn't have been able to afford it." 


Refrigeration and cooling is the single biggest user of energy in commercial kitchens, so restaurants should try and buy energy-efficient refrigeration (energy rating ‘A’) and carry out regular cleaning using products such as condenser cleaner.

Ensuring you have the right fridge to suit to suit your space, menu and needs is vital. Discover our fridge buying guide here.

Ask yourself: What is essential?

Just because you are opening a restaurant doesn't mean you have to have everything perfect from day one.

Start with your menu, what equipment, crockery, cutlery etc. do you need for your menu? Then analyse what can you afford out of your good, better, best options. Start with what you vitally need to execute your menu and take in to consideration what you can afford and work from there. You can always add as you go once open.