Food Safety

Discover how to tackle the most critical of control points with clear practical solutions. Safer food means better business. Finding ways to save money and stay competitive is demanding whilst you're maintaining the quality expectations of your menu and service. However, failure to ensure your restaurant is food safe and allergen compliant can ultimately be what determines whether you stay open for business. Do you have the right solutions In Place?


Wash up

Your wash-up area can be a hot bed for bacteria and a risk of cross-contamination from used utensils, cutting boards and storage containers.


Waste Management

Poorly managed bins are micro-biological hazards waiting to happen – discover solutions to store and separate your waste and reduce your waste disposal costs.

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Pleased with your clean down?

Proud of your team’s clean down speed? Discover the bacteria harbouring hotspots that are often missed.

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Temperature checks of deliveries

Food safety starts at your supplier, don’t let them deliver you a problem – keep the kit you need to check the safety of your delivery intakes.



Your fridge is victim to some pretty rough handling, whether it’s leaky food containers or the door being constantly kicked shut, it can become a big contamination risk so it’s crucial to keep it clean and in working order.

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Maximise storage life

How to safely maximise the life of every ingredient in storage is a vital step to reducing food wastage and saving money.


Improved Chilled Storage

Save up to 60% of your time with improved storage strategies and maintain that fridge’s temperature.


The real issue, contamination

With the maximum penalty ranging upwards from £20,000 to jail time it could be the single greatest risk to your restaurant. Time to really challenge yourself on how you handle contamination risks.

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Safely speed up defrosting

Partially defrosted food won’t cook evenly, meaning that harmful bacteria can survive the cooking process.

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Maintaining a safe fryer

Are you Acrylamide aware? Do you have the relevant measures in place to comply to 2017/2158 legislation best practice?

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Top tips to regenerating safely and efficiently...

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Damaged crockery

Replace damaged crockery before it’s too late – don’t put it off!

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Keeping it hot

For your busiest periods, make sure you keep your food maintained above 63°C to avoid having to regenerate and risk bacterial growth.

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Buffet management

Are you truly buffet ready and risk-free?

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Adam Handling on Food Safety

Poor food safety management could result in hefty fines or even jail time, so ensuring you have the right processes in place is essential.


Food Safety at The Ritz

The Ritz runs with a 67-strong brigade. In any one service there can be over 500 covers with numerous allergies to contend with and preferences to navigate – including strawberry, prawn and nut allergies, dairy, vegan and gluten-free diets.