Stay up-to-dateĀ 

Staying on top of legislative changes can be overwhelming, especially with little to no uniformity amongst local councils.

Why not partner with an external company to further safeguard your business through regular process audits to your restaurant. This will ensure you are compliant beyond the criteria a Food Hygiene Officer (FHO) would apply.

Deliveries & Training

Temperature checks on delivery intakes are vital to reduce wastage and ensure your food is safe. Read more here.

Ensure your staff are fully trained. It isn't just the chef that has to be up-to-spec on food safety. It's all staff from the front to the back of house, it is vital all staff are fully trained.


Every product can be stored in different ways in order to make it last longer.

Understand what the correct storage is for your food groups and get your storage plan in place to ensure quick service and reduced wastage. Read more here.