3 tips on how to keep your fridge clean

Use the right chemicals

Some chemicals can react with stainless steel, rubber or aluminium, so to prevent discolouration or damage make sure to check the label before using any chemicals.

Reduce the number of chemicals you buy by choosing those you can use throughout the kitchen. Avoid using scented chemicals as these can mask hazardous tell-tale odours of food that needs discarding.


Keep it cool

Keeping your fridge the right temperature is one of your most important HACCPs and it’s not easy to maintain, as it’s constantly battling against being opened and closed. This in turn causes exposure to grease, steam and dust – all of which can obstruct the air flow to the condenser.

If you don’t take precautions, not only is it hazardous to your food, it has the potential to become a crippling repair cost.


Drying is absolutely essential

A common mistake after cleaning a fridge is to let it air dry. Sitting water left in seals can rot, providing an easy home for bacteria and mould.

A thorough wipe down with Blue Roll or a Microfibre cloth makes sure your fridge is clean, dry and ready for service.