Simple reminders can go a long way

Drying cloths may appear clean but they need to be regularly replaced.

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Badly managed and performing dishwashers are common culprits for bacterial growth, keep on top of the servicing and make sure you get a good warranty.

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Dangers of poor manual washing can result in spreading bacterial growth, so be sure you are using the right chemicals and the right equipment for the job.

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Benefits of Blue roll

Blue roll is one of the most economical and hygienic ways of cleaning up. 

The non-abrasive nature of the roll allows them to be used for a huge range of applications.

Uses of blue roll

  • Hygienic method of drying hands whereas damp linen towels can harbour germs
  • Cleaning and drying surfaces, appliances, utensils and tools
  • Ensuring a streak-free finish to Perspex/glass surfaces such as counter tops and glass doors
  • Absorbing liquid spills: water, thick sauces, oil and cleaning chemicals
  • Removing excess grease, wax or other lubricants from appliances and machinery
  • Wiping away fat and grease from grills to prevent fatty deposits blocking your sink's drain
  • Safe to use in food production environments