6 pro tips to help you select the right furniture for your establishment:

Choose furniture that matches your menu

Remember, your restaurant tells a story! You are bringing customers into your world for a meal. Make sure that your decor contributes to creating the atmosphere and the emotions that you want to evoke.

A relaxed and cosy atmosphere? Minimalistic and trendy? Whatever style you choose for your establishment, make sure that the furniture matches your intention.

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Focus on functionality and comfort

Although design should be taken into account, it should never take precedence over functionality and comfort. Keep this in mind. You will regularly have to move your chairs and tables to suit your customers' needs.

In addition, and particularly if your establishment encourages long meals, the seating comfort of your chairs will make all the difference for your customers.

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Make life easier for yourself

Consider how your restaurant will live in the long term. Will you need to store the chairs in a small space? It might be worth considering buying foldable chairs.

If you opt for upholstered chairs, choose easy-to-clean upholstery.

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Choose different configurations

If you have enough space, creating several different areas in your room can be a good idea for hosting various groups and types of customers.

A "lounge" area or a bar can seat those looking to take a drink or customers waiting for a table to free up. Various sizes of tables can help to seat couples and larger groups.

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Opt for durability

Not all tables and chairs are suitable for professional use. Although it may be tempting to turn to cheap solutions, your furniture may need to be replaced sooner than you might hope.

Opt for one of Nisbets solid, long-lasting furniture pieces designed for professional use.

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Carefully organise your space

Draw up a floor plan to best organise your room's layout. Plan traffic flows at critical points: between the kitchen and the room, at the restaurant's entrance, between the tables, at the bar, etc. to make it easier for your staff and customers to move around.

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Preserve your selection


If you need to give your furniture a deeper clean to remove stubborn stains and dirt, dilute a light detergent into warm water, and wipe the furniture with a damp cloth.

This removes dirt and maintains the finish of the furniture you’re cleaning.

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Microfibre cloths can also be used when polishing furniture with or without a wood or metal polish.

Wood polish is designed to preserve indoor wooden catering furniture, such as tables and chairs by covering the furniture with a protective layer that helps to increase the durability of the finish.

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Teak oil should be liberally applied to wooden outdoor furniture to ensure it is able to withstand the effects of weather - always check the teak oil you are using as some contain colorants that can stain wood.

Peek Metal Polish is designed for use on a wide range of materials, including, but not limited to, copper, stainless steel, chrome and fibreglass, leaving them with a beautiful shine and high quality finish.

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