Chef whites represent tradition

Beyond the practical and protective benefits of chef whites, they also serve the purpose of identifying the hierarchy in the brigade and building credibility in the kitchen.

Some head chefs like to wear black whilst everyone else wears white, helping them to stand out and be easily recognised.

How to clean chef whites

When it comes to removing stains from chef whites, do not use hot water as it’ll bake the stain into the fibres. Always use warm or cold water. Once soaked, don’t scrub too hard as you’ll rub the stain further into the fabric.

Try to pre-treat jackets with a fabric protector to help prevent stains from setting.

Choosing staff uniforms for front of house

Creating the right impression with staff uniform is an often overlooked way of turning intrigued foodies into loyal customers.

You may have the biggest signs, brightest lights, coolest interiors and delicious looking dishes, but giving your staff the right look can entice customers in and create the perfect impression.

Find your edge

If you don’t want a stiff looking, traditional look for your front of house staff. Chef Works have recently launched a range of Urban front of house clothing that is more suited to casual dining style venues.

From aprons to shirts, the range boasts a ‘street-inspired’ look that helps to set the tone of the restaurant and can be more appealing to attract customers in.