Coffee that creates a lasting impression

Bean to cup

Vast improvements in technology in bean to cup machines can convince even coffee aficionados of the quality of the final drink.

When you need consistency and quality in high volume and at pace, a good bean to cup machine just makes sense and in time, well and truly washes its face.

Full-on barista

Worth the investment – you can have the best coffee and the best machines but you need the right people to get the most out of them. Good-quality coffee really will help to grow sales.

As you grow it’s possible to bring training costs down. Otherwise, speak with your choice supplier of beans or manufacturers of machines to understand what training is available, they may have online training or access to training videos you can use.

Cold brew

Not to be confused with iced coffee, cold brew is huge in New Zealand and Australia, and is starting to make waves in British coffee cups. The process involves steeping coffee in cold water over long periods resulting in a smoother, less acidic drink. Particularly good for lighter roasts. It’s a good looking bit of kit and adds intrigue and an experience that consumers are looking for.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee used to be something available in summer months only, it’s now proving itself as a year-round coffee of choice.

Crafting the perfect cup

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Coffee consumables

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