Types of cocktail glasses

Cocktails are ever-growing in popularity, and there are so many different types of cocktail glasses.

So knowing what glass to use for what cocktail is a great piece of knowledge for you to have.


Once you are confident with the glasses and their benefits, you may even want to start mixing up which glass you use to serve a drink.

The Gin and Tonic is a great example of how straying from the norm can sometimes open up a gateway and take a drink to new heights.

Cocktail glasses

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Gin madness

Here in the UK, Gin and Tonic has been served in a tall glass for years. But now we are starting to take inspiration from across the pond and are moving towards the oversized balloon style of gin glasses.

Made famous by the Spanish, the “Gintonic” takes advantage of the extra space in a balloon glass to create a drink that carries the traditional Gin and Tonic to a whole new level and has since travelled across Europe gaining in popularity.

Join the gin train...

  • Fill your glass with plenty of ice, and pour in one part of your favourite Gin and three parts premium tonic.
  • Know what botanicals were used when distilling your Gin as you’re going to complement the flavours and bring the best out of your cocktail.
  • All Gin contains Juniper, so this is a good garnish to start with, but don’t be afraid to experiment and add pretty much any herb, fruit or veg you want.
  • Some bars go as far as making their own bitters to offset any sweetness.
  • Just be creative and create something delicious.

Gin glasses

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