Scoops and Portioners

If you're serving ice cream, portioners are standard equipment and their size defines how many portions per litre they will serve.

Controlling portion sizes is not just for consistency, but to reduce waste and extra cost to your business.

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Squeeze Sauce Bottles and Dispensers

From food stalls and canteens to cafés and restaurants, practically every catering venue needs sauce bottles. But it's not all about providing condiments for your customers. Sauce bottles with thinner, longer nozzles can also be used in food plating, creating attractive droplets to make the perfect presentation.

Squeeze bottles can also help to reduce waste with non-drip dispensing valves. They also come in a variety of colours for easy identification of sauce.

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Garnishing and Plating Tools

It's true that even basic cutlery can be used to great effect when plating up food, but there's no substitute for a plating mould (or mousse ring), melon baller or butter curler.

Tweezer tongs and saucier spoons are also items that would be hard to replace.

These are just a few examples of the utensils which can turn great food into a feast for the eyes, creative ways to upscale a dish and stand out from competitors.

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